Bear Valley Church Unleashed

The Church Unleashed philosophy of ministry is still a large part of the DNA of Bear Valley Church. The following are a few of the basics of this approach:

  1. We are dedicated to Kingdom Growth more than to Church Growth The church invests time, treasure (money), and people into causes beyond its own walls. We believe in building the Kingdom of God, not the kingdom of Bear Valley. We prefer to remain a large church investing large percentages of its budget in local and global mission causes.
  2. Pastors Equip and Members Minister Members of the church are empowered to do anything God calls them to do – no one has to be ordained, licensed, or even an official member to be able to minister. People serve with their gifts, talents and skills both inside and outside the church.
  3. Simple Structure, Easy Permission Simple structure means few committees. A Board of Deacons handles the business of the church. Our people serve on actual ministry teams doing the work of the ministry. Easy permission means anyone with an idea for a new ministry can be unleashed to serve by following a few simple steps and guidelines.
  4. Multiple Services, Multiple Pastors Currently Bear Valley Church has three nearly identical Sunday morning worship services plus a concurrent youth service. Our team of multiple teachers work together as a team. Multiple services and multiple teachers allow us to minister to more people.
  5. Maximum Use of Minimum Facility Bear Valley’s facility is built on just 3.3 acres and is debt-free. Our building is used by many of our own groups and classes throughout the week, and it is open to use by the community.
  6. Authority and Responsibility Go Together The Church Unleashed philosophy grants responsibility and authority to ministry leaders to lead their ministries as the Holy Spirit directs. There is always accountability but their is no committee dictating what must or must not be done. For example, adult Bible classes and other ministries are self-governing.