Our children’s check-in system is a computer system used to increase the security for the safety of our children and to make it easier to care for everybody at BVC.

How does the Check-In System work?

Families check-in at one of our computer kiosks. First time visitors check-in at the children’s counter.

  1. Each time you check in your child, you will receive a name tag that displays your child’s name with a family code. You will also receive a claim ticket for yourself with the family code.
    This receipt can be split in two, one for each parent, if needed. You must have your claim ticket to pick up your child.
  2. Sign your children (babies-6th graders) in at the door to their classroom.
  3. The code on your receipt consisting of letters and numbers is the number we will display in the worship service if we need you to return to the children’s area to attend to your child. The number will appear on the lower left hand corner of the screens.
  4. At the end of children’s class time, present your security claim ticket at the classroom to pick up your children. Your claim ticket number will have to match your child’s in order for the teacher to release him or her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time can I sign in my child?
A: Kids can check in for their service and head to their rooms 15 minutes prior to the service starting.

Q: Who can pick up my child?
A: Only a person with a security claim ticket that matches the ticket code of your child will be able to pick up your child.

Q: What happens if I lose my receipt?
A: At the children’s counter you can get a new claim ticket so you can pick up your child.

Q: What about my baby’s special needs and feeding schedule?
A: Share it with the workers in the nursery or toddler room, and they’ll attend to your baby’s needs.

Q: What if my child has allergies?
A: This information is discreetly listed on your child’s name tag.

Q: What if I have to leave early?
A: You’re welcome to pick up your child in the class room where you dropped them off whenever you choose.