Babies are taken care of and played with in our nursery. Toddlers and children in grades K-4 participate in fun, rewarding, Bible-based and age-appropriate Sunday school classes. Students in 5th-6th grade have Sunday and weekday activities as well as various camps during the summer months.

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Students – 7th-12th grade
Our thriving youth have classes, small groups and fun activities to help them connect with their peers, mentors and leaders. All grade levels meet together on Sundays and break into small groups during the week. Junior high students meet Thursdays 6:30-8:30 PM and high school students meet Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 PM.

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Young Adults

College Aged and Beyond
Through teaching, worship, and community we passionately desire to know Jesus, to grow as sons and daughters, and to become equipped for the work of the Kingdom of God. We are not the next generation. Our generation is now!

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While young married couples are invited to join any classes they feel comfortable attending, Bear Valley offers a class specifically for those considering marriage and those just beginning their family life together.

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Families have a variety of opportunities for connecting at every stage of family life through Bible study or specific service activities. We have classes attended by families with smaller children, classes for people whose children are older or grown up and a single mothers’ group.

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Adults & Seniors

We offer a great variety of different classes, groups and ministry opportunities for adults and seniors on Sundays and throughout the week. Men’s groups and women’s groups allow deeper and more personal connections. Events are hosted throughout the year that give adults numerous chances to connect and serve.

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Women’s Ministry

In cooperation with the Holy Spirit, Women’s Ministries exists to engage women on their spiritual journey. We facilitate individual and corporate opportunities intentionally designed for women to encounter/connect with God, the Scriptures, each other and the world.
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Senior Ministry

At Bear Valley Church, our senior attendees enjoy many social opportunities to connect with others. We offer a senior luncheon, a senior breakfast and game days each month where people ages 55+ are invited for food, fun and fellowship.

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Mission Trips

Each year Bear Valley Church offers a variety of short term mission trips for adults and youth to participate in. We love to go and serve and make a difference around the world! In 2016 we’re going to do international missions in Uganda, Puerto Rico, Albania, Guatemala and Peru as well as send teams to help and serve in local camps in Colorado during the summer. Please contact Missions Pastor Torben Jensen for more information.

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Action Steps to Connect at BVC

  1. It’s easy to join an adult class on Sunday. Just show up! You're already at church on Sunday morning, your car is parked and if you have kids, they are participating in an age-appropriate activity for this hour. Most classes at BVC do not have any prerequisites, and don't worry – no one is going to call on you to recite a text or answer hard questions. All you need is a willingness to get to know other people who are on a journey with Jesus and have a teachable spirit.
  2. Our church also offers small group studies at times other than Sunday morning. Most are free (some have a small cost for materials). Consider either a long-term group for forming solid friendships, or a short-term study group – to go more deeply into some of the life-changing truths of the Bible.
  3. You can also connect through serving in a ministry group. Here the emphasis is not on learning, but on serving other people in our local communities. And sometimes you learn more by serving than by studying!

For More Info…

Sunday classes are open to everyone within the age group/gender specified. You are welcome to join any Sunday class without reservation. In addition, you can contact class leaders, search classes and join classes online with Connection Point. Once you've established an account with Connection Point, you can also register and pay for events, give online, and change your personal information.

Care and Growth Throughout Your Life

We are a church that takes the challenge to be relevant to all generations seriously. We’re a truly multi-generational church, where you are welcomed, cared for and challenged to make a difference whether you’re a toddler, newly married, an established family with kids or a senior citizen. All generations are welcome at our church, and we have many different programs in place that will help, challenge and inspire you regardless of where you’re at in your life journey.

We celebrate life in tangible ways through baby dedications, baptisms, weddings and funerals. For more information about these celebrations Contact Us.