Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday Morning Classes are places where a mid-sized group of people gather on a regular basis to study the Bible, pray, build relationships with one another, and serve their community

What happens in a Community Group?

  • Connect to God through studying the Bible
  • Connect to others by building authentic relationships (prayer, support, & encouragement).
  • Connect to the community you live in by being Unleashed to do ministry as a group.

Why are Community Groups important at Bear Valley Church?

It is our desire that everyone who attends Bear Valley be involved in an authentic, Biblical community. In a larger church like Bear Valley genuine community can be found in healthy smaller groups where people can engage in growing relationships with each other and with God.

College Classes

  • College Age Class

    A college age group that meets on Sundays, 11:00am in the Student Ministries Room. For more information, contact Josh, 303.731.4073.

Couples Classes

  • iMarriage

    A place for young couples to connect and strengthen their marriages.
    • Engaged and newly married couples
    • Young couples with children
    • Sundays, 11:00am in room 205
    • Lots of activities to connect and to serve others
  • iFamily

    Navigate the adventures of being new parents through biblically based peer discussion, building a strong family foundation, and continuing to strengthen the parental relationship. For families with children 5 and under. Sundays starting August 19, 11:00am in Room 203.
  • Family Practice

    Focusing on Marriage & Families

    A Sunday School Class for couples in their 30s & 40s with children. Sundays, 11:00am, Room 110.
    We are taking a break for the summer. We will start back up on Sunday, September 9th.
  • Keeping It Together (KIT)

    We meet for fellowship, prayer, and to study topics which strengthen our marriages. Couples of all ages are welcome. Sundays, 11:00am, Room 204.

Women's Classes

  • Parenting Solo

    Single Moms Abiding, Connecting, Praying

    Join us for fellowship, support, and study. Sundays, 11:00am in Room 201.
  • Heart to Heart

    Women of all ages meet for fellowship, Bible study, and to discuss topics of interest to women. Sundays, 9:30am in Room 205/206.

Men's Classes

  • Man Alive

    A class for the man who wants to draw closer to Christ. We do Bible studies, video series, book studies, and discussions. Guys of all ages are welcome! Sundays in Room 203 at 9:30am.

Mixed Classes

  • More Life

    Everyone wants to believe there is more to life. Learn to experience more life and share with others how to experience eternal life. Join us Sundays, 8:00am in Room 202. September 9 - October 28.

  • Precepts

    An in-depth Bible study, Sundays, 9:30am in Room 201. We take a break during summer and will start back up in September.
  • Timberline

    Experience the synergy of growing together in Christ
    • Discuss
    • Interact
    • Be Challenged

    We meet in Room 202 at 9:30am. Current Topic: Becoming People of Grace 

  • Revelation Study

    Join us for a study on the book of Revelation. We are taking a break during the summer and will start back up in September.
  • One Accord

    Adults 45-60, join us for Bible/topical studies, fellowship, and prayer. Sundays, 9:30am in Room 204.
  • Daily Walk

    A seasoned goup of adults, 50-90, who love newcomers.
    • Fellowship
    • Prayer
    • Bible Study

    Sundays, 9:30am in the Reception Hall.

  • Ears to Hear

    A place for adults of all ages to connect, interact, and discuss the sermon. Sundays, 11:00am in Room 201. Starts September 9.

  • Covenant

    Adults ages 55 and up, join us for fellowship, prayer support, and Bible/topical studies. Sundays, 11:00am in Room 202.