Eric Krause
Middle School Pastor

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Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a very small town called Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, which is about 30 minutes from Penn State. This might help explain my deep passion for college football and devotion to the Nittany Lions.

How and when were you called into ministry?

I first sensed the calling to ministry when I was 17 sitting in a Sunday night church service praying for God’s leading in the next step of my life, college. My youth group leaders had a huge influence in my life and changing the trajectory I was going. After more praying and seeking wisdom from others I looked up to it seemed God was leading me into youth ministry specifically.

What’s your passion in ministry?

My deepest passion in ministry is to see people recognize the more and more the goodness of Jesus and how much He has to speak to and influence our lives. This involves students coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus, recognizing that their identity and their value doesn’t come from any other source. Parents leading their families to greater dependence on the sufficiency of Jesus over performance. And families growing in the love of the gospel as the center of what they do.

Favorite Bible verse and why?

While it’s difficult to narrow down to just one, the verses that stand out most are Colossians 1:15-23. This section of scripture gives a glimpse into the awesomeness of Jesus and the role that He plays in all of creation.

Spare time activities you enjoy?

Because I’m actually an introvert, I love to spend time by myself clearing my head. The best space for me to do this is lifting. But as much as possible I fill my time with my family enjoying any adventure we can come up with from hiking in the mountains to relaxing in the back yard.

Favorite place you’ve visited?

A few years ago we did a road trip with some friends to California and drove up highway 1 into Oregon. I don’t know the specific location but the entire drive on that highway was magical and stands as a high point for places I’ve visited.

Favorite food?

Pretty much anything beef, but burgers specifically. The rule in my house for cooking is a pound per person (at least for me).

Something most people don’t know about me?

I have a deep desire to live in the middle of nowhere, Alaska preferably, and homestead. The idea of working the land, creating and building everything from the ground up is something I dwell on in my free time.

Favorite book other than the Bible?

This is too difficult to narrow down to just one. The top two most influential books in my life other than the bible have been “Simply Christian” by N.T. Wright, and “Gospel Fluency” by Jeff Vanderstelt.