Kavon Pearson
Community Involvement Youth Pastor

Kavon Pearson

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Waldorf, Maryland a suburb of Washington, D.C.

How and when were you called into ministry

God has called me to “messy ministry” here in the city of Denver.  James 1:27 is the verse that God has place in my heart for ministry. I was tired of the traditional church and I was going through the motions, when God called me through this verse. In this verse God says that “true and genuine religion”, in his eyes, is showing compassion to the unfortunate.

What’s your passion in ministry?

My passion is to cultivate an atmosphere where people can embrace Jesus in their own way and in a space that is comfortable to them.

Favorite Bible verse and why?

James 1:27

Spare time activities you enjoy?

I enjoy playing basketball and reading. Also the Colorado culture of hiking is slowly growing on me.

Favorite place you’ve visited?

My favorite place I visited was Ireland. I studied there my Junior year in college. The Irish country side is just amazing!

Favorite food?


Something most people don’t know about me?

I am an identical twin.

Favorite book other than the Bible?

Jesus the King by Timothy Keller.