Meeting Times

Middle School and High School (6th-12th Grade):
Sundays 9:00am & 10:30am

Middle School and High School (6th-12th Grade):
Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm


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The Bear Valley Church Student Ministry exists to reach and grow students into followers of Jesus Christ. We’re excited about young people.

We believe students of all ages have the potential to grow in their understanding and experience of life in Jesus, and that they have the capacity to make a radical difference in our world today. We don’t just see our students as a part of the church of tomorrow, but an integral part of the church of today.

Our Vision for Students

We come together on Sundays and during the week to connect with God and with each other. We love to have fun, enjoy Colorado’s beautiful nature together, and connect with each other as we do life together.

We challenge the students to dig deeper into their faith and discover for themselves who Jesus is. We provide all sorts of opportunities to help students grow through Bible studies, small groups, retreats, camps, etc.

We invite students to participate in what Jesus is doing in this world. We love to serve and help in local ministries. We assist in various camps in the summer, and we go overseas to participate in missions trips where we get chances to experience other cultures, connect with young people from other countries and get opportunities to share our faith and serve other people in practical ways.

We have a wonderful and dedicated group of volunteer leaders who invest themselves in the lives of all the students. We believe that significant and meaningful relationships with leaders are great ways to show the students that Jesus loves and cares for them.

Weekly Activities

On Sundays, Middle School and High School students meet 9:00am and 10:30am for worship led by students and leaders from the student ministry with one central message.

On weekdays, students meet together for games and activities (outdoors as weather permits) that help students engage with each other and Jesus in a fun way. We also break the students into small groups divided by gender and age. An adult, volunteer mentor committed to the group for the full school year leads a Bible study from a curriculum, usually exploring and enforcing the central themes from the night’s message. Our goal is for the students to have a chance to ask questions, express their faith, encourage and challenge each other and grow in their experience of hope and life in Jesus.

All students are very welcome to participate in any of our activities!