Two Questions

1. Which President had an 18% approval rating while in office?
2. A world famous conductor leads his orchestra to creating beautiful music one night at Red Rocks. At the end of the show the crowd gives him a riveting ovation, demanding more. After the show, the esteemed conductor is elated at the crowd’s response and praise of his work. However, the conductor finds out that 90% of the crowd is deaf and only stood up and cheered because the other 10% stood up and cheered. Still the conductor boasts in his great ability as evident by his ability to get the crowd to their feet. What would you say to this conductor?

The President was Abraham Lincoln after the Civil War ended. Strange, isn’t it, that one considered to be the greatest Presidents could sink so low? Stranger still, is a man who boasts in his ability because he uses the crowd as an indicator of how good he is.

For a lot of us, life is like entering into a fun house filled with mirrors. Some mirrors make you look 5 feet wide and some mirrors make you look 6 inches wide, while others make you look tall and some make you appear short. I say that life is like entering a fun house because we want to walk up to these mirrors and start to fix them so that our reflection shows up just the way we want them to. We begin to bend the mirror that makes us look too wide or too skinny so that it gives us a reflection that is just right. Then we busy ourselves by moving onto the next mirror and then the next mirror….If you haven’t figured it out, the mirror is other people’s opinions and the temptation is to fix every single mirror around us so that it reflects the image we want.

I’m running out of words so I’ll just say this, meditate on Galatians 1:10.

Pastor Brandon LaFontaine, Jr High Youth Pastor

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