brand smallBear Valley (Missions) Church

It would be easy to add the missions into our name, as Pastor Jim often says, "Missions is our brand." The foundation of Bear Valley is a firm ground of giving to missions, going to the mission field, and providing resources for our mission work.

We remember the spirit of our people when the building was paid off and we started a Move the World Grant Program that gives to mission projects the amount we were paying on our loan each month. The impact of Move the World will never be known in this lifetime.

Each year hundreds of us go on short term mission trips, from the mountains of Durango to the fields of Uganda. It would be difficult to find a location where we have not had individuals and teams go to minister.

If you have not experienced the life change of a mission trip, have coffee with me, and soon you to will wear the "brand" of a veteran in the mission field.