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Bishop Abraham

Hope India Mission
Bihar, India

Our mission of reaching the unreached and disciple making process begins with Evangelizing the seekers/community, then we Equip and Enlarge them and finally they get Established as a church in that particular village or town as the light house of that society. We have 51 such Central Worship Churches. It all begins with a House Church as they grow and become a Central Church. We have 1600 such House Churches across the six States of North India. Our passionate pursuit is to commence at least one church in every North Indian village.

With a single aim of proclaiming the Good News among Muslim neighbors and leaders working among Muslims, (train and support evangelists working among Muslims) the NeighborHope project is a unique ministry approach hosted by Hope India Mission. As a humble beginning, the ministry commenced in 2014 nationally, mainly targeted at Indian Muslims that constitutes 13 percentage of the Indian population. The strategy is a huge success all over India.


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