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Danzena DeGuzman

Servants of Christ
N. Luzon, Philippines

Danzena DeGuzman’s ministry works in partnership with various Aeta Pastors in N. Luzon, Philippines. Her late father, Dante Q. de Guzman was the former Chair of Immanuel Bible School located at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo, Capas, Tarlac. From the early beginning, the ministry blossomed to provide support to the Aeta Pastors, since they are at the frontline on expanding God’s Kingdom.

The program provides support for Aeta pastors and churches in the mountainous region around Mt. Pinatubo — the volcano that erupted and closed so much of the area where 50+ villages of the Aeta people group are located. The Aeta peoples live in the mountains and have many small churches, most of whom have no funds at all to pay a pastor, and have no suitable building in which to meet.

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