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Jaimie Fabling

Democratic Republic of the Congo
United World Missions

I've never felt called to a certain part of the world - it
has just been about following God wherever He leads. So, when my UWM regional director first told me about the team in Congo, I paid attention when something stirred in my heart. One of the first things that jumped out to me when I began
researching Congo Initiative is that their main motto is "being transformed to transform," meaning that only through being transformed by the Holy Spirit can we go out and transform our community, nation, and world.

I have been amazed to see how the gifts, talents, and passions that the Lord has been building in me over the years for education, discipleship, university students, becoming part of a culture different than my home culture, and holistic community initiatives are
all coming together as I step into a leadership role in the university in Beni.

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