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Moses and Jaime Okonji

Inspiration Center in Mathare Slums
Nairobi, Kenya

Located in Mathare, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya’s capitol, we provide opportunities for the most vulnerable members of our community to reach their full potential as intended by God. Some of our programs include:

Inspiration Center Church: A community where all ages hear the Good News.

Baby College: Nursery, pre-school, and daycare for Mathare children 0-5yr.

InspirEducation: School sponsorship for children and youth of Mathare with a desire to pursue an education. We have 105 students currently sponsored.

She Has a Name: We rescue girls from prostitution and give them a home,
education, and Christ-centered mentorship.

Special Needs Support Group: We meet monthly with families and people with disabilities to encourage them and help them find opportunities and resources like wheelchairs, crutches, and therapy.


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